Monday, January 09, 2006

Incredibly Cool Stuff

Thanks to Heavy Petal for turning me on to Inhabitat, who showcases the work of Living Glass. These people are making exactly the kind of cool stuff I would be making if I was smarter, more creative, and had the vaguest notion how to go about it. It's mostly architectural glass embedded with some kind of living or organic thing. I love this floor of pebbles. (I'm trying to imagine the kind of house I would need to live up to this floor, not to mention the question of who would keep it clean, but no matter.)

Also check out Farm 21, who puts interesting organic stuff (including lavender--oh, lord) into cubes, coffee tables, lamps and screens, and more.

Can we put worms in a coffee table? Living worms, of course. In Seattle I saw a beehive display at a museum--the beehive was encased all in glass, but the bees entered and exited the building through a tube so that they could bring pollen in and out. Can I have a beehive coffee table with a tube leading to my garden?