Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Naturemill

Has anyone seen one of these? It's an electric composter. You just plug it in, drop your kitchen scraps in, and it churns and mixes and digests until--poof!--a little light comes on and your compost is ready.

No more worms. No more bugs. No mixing and turning and waiting and hoping. No mess. Just nice, clean, not-very-smelly compost.

Huh. I didn't know compost was hard. Or messy. And I thought the worms were...uh...kind of a good thing. I do like the photo of the sparkly kitchen on the home page--it seems like the sort of kitchen where you'd need a composter like this. No worm bins for this lady.

Actually, that raises a good point. What if this thing were under the sink where a garbage disposal would normally go? Now, that's actually a good idea. Take the stuff that goes down the sink and make compost out of that. Although I suppose you'd need a way to drain off the water....

Thanks to Back to the Garden for this one.

Naturemill: Compost made easy!